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Nardone & Company, Inc.
Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser, USPAP 

Nardone & Company, Inc.'s Aviation Technical Services focuses solely on aircraft-related salvage, sales/recovery, current market values, inventory loss, and damage evaluations. Our company President, George Nardone, Jr. is a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO).  Mr. Nardone has Airline Transport Pilot Ratings and over 40 years of aviation experience. 

Aircraft appraisals by professionals provide the buyer or seller with onsite inspections, valuation utilizing current market conditions and our sophisticated PAAO appraisal that measures every aspect of the aircraft's value at a reasonable cost. 

Knowing exactly what you are buying or selling means dollars saved in your pocket, major headaches avoided and years of happy flying. 

We can also manage pre-purchase inspection and provide consulting services to help match our clients with the appropriate aircraft to meet their specific requirements. 


Value of the PAAO

What's the difference between an aircraft's value calculated using the PAAO's Aircraft Valuation computer software and an aircraft value determined by using one of the aircraft price guides?

The differences are enormous and to answer this question would take many pages. Briefly let us use this analogy. Aircraft price guides are published, marketed, and distributed by book publishing companies. The facts are, they do not appraise aircraft, they do not even gather or generate their own data. Rather, they simply send out a questionnaire every 3 months to subscribers of their books and ask a few questions which at best are very vague. From these questionnaires, the book publishers generate their database.

An interesting point to consider is this: Nowhere on these questionnaires do the price guide book publishers request information regarding:

  • The aircraft's damage history.
  • Engine or airframe modifications, if any.
  • Make and model of installed avionics and if there were any avionic upgrades.
  • The physical condition of the airframe including surface corrosion etc.
  • Inspection status of the aircraft. For example, the aircraft may have been out of Annual for some period of time or/and there may be Airworthiness Directives and/or mandatory Service Bulletins which have not been complied with.
  • Props and time since overhaul.
  • Engine overhaul status. For example, was the engine field overhauled to FAA overhaul service limits or overhauled to factory new limits or a new engine.
  • Condition of de-ice equipment, instrumentation, and other systems and components.

It is truly a mystery how one could generate an accurate database of aircraft values without a clue regarding the condition of the airframe, make and model of avionics, damage history, airframe or engine modifications and all of the other important value points listed above.

The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization is the only organization in the world which considers all of these factors in its database. Additionally, all of the information the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization uses is verified by its Certified Aircraft Appraiser members who have physically evaluated the aircraft, and each Association member subscribes to the same evaluation criteria while performing the appraisal. The end result is an extremely accurate database that is verifiable.

A sample of Aircraft Nardone & Company, Inc. has appraised

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Nardone & Company, Inc. Beech 55 Baron


When an immediate response is required, and if it is economically sound, Nardone & Company, Inc. operates a Beech 55 Baron.  Our Baron allows us to land within close proximity of remote loss locations that the airlines do not service.  Nardone & Company, Inc. has the strategic advantage of avoiding flight delays, hours of drive time and can even eliminate the need for a hotel.  Rapid response can mean the difference between success and failure and with a corporate aircraft, Nardone & Company, Inc. personnel are on site working with greater speed.  Our costs are the equivalent of only a RT coach airfare and sometimes much less on last-minute airline fares.





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What We Offer

Beyond simply removing and selling damaged goods for Insurance Companies and Self Insureds, Nardone & Company, Inc. offers:

  • Onsite Inspection Worldwide
  • Loss and Damage Appraisals
  • Maximizing Salvage Returns Worldwide
  • Consulting and Advice when salvage is not the best option
  • Inventory and Stock Verification
  • Post Loss Inventory
  • Aviation Claim Services and Consulting
  • Logistical Support and Guidance
  • Industrial Claim Services and Consulting
  • Training Programs
  • Commercial Stock Loss Appraiser Services