Salvors, Appraisers & Consultants for Insurance Companies and Self-Insured

phantomContacted with a request for immediate response, Nardone & Company, Inc. was assigned with the responsibility of locating 6 luxury vehicles manufactured by Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz and BMW.  The vehicles had been claimed, but were missing and could not be located due to the road blocks setup throughout New Orleans by the military police.  To bypass security, Nardone & Company, Inc. hired a Texas Ranger to provide escort to the insured’s premises.  Upon our arrival, we were pleased to inform the carrier each vehicle was accounted for.  However, the flood completely submerged the vehicles in 4 feet of salt water for weeks.  In order to coordinate a salvage sale, we had the vehicles relocated to a secured location.  All vehicles were sold under seal bid sale with the Rolls Royce Phantom receiving the highest bid in the amount of $77,000.

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What We Offer

Beyond simply removing and selling damaged goods for Insurance Companies and Self Insureds, Nardone & Company, Inc. offers:

  • Onsite Inspection Worldwide
  • Loss and Damage Appraisals
  • Maximizing Salvage Returns Worldwide
  • Consulting and Advice when salvage is not the best option
  • Inventory and Stock Verification
  • Post Loss Inventory
  • Aviation Claim Services and Consulting
  • Logistical Support and Guidance
  • Industrial Claim Services and Consulting
  • Training Programs
  • Commercial Stock Loss Appraiser Services