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Our successes to the claims below were based solely on our effort to hire personnel with a wide range of professional credentials and expertise that include, but are not limited to aviation, mechanics, electronics and years of tested experience in corporate America. 

From: Law Firm

Dear Mr. Nardone

This letter is to express the appreciation of both the undersigned and my client for the inventory services you recently provided us.

As you know, my client is an Insurance Company who was presented with a rather extraordinarily large claim for contents following a fire loss. Both the adjuster and the SIU investigator had misgivings concerning the inventory which was submitted by the insured and we retained Nardone & Company, Inc. to perform a physical inventory of the contents of the premises under what were certainly difficult conditions. The inventory prepared by Nardone & Company, Inc. together with the video and photographs you took clearly established that there was little relationship between the actual contents of the building and the insured's inventory.

It was not a coincidence that the insured submitted a revised inventory after we told that the insured, Nardone & Company, Inc. was going to perform the physical inventory. The revised inventory eliminated a substantial of quantity of contents which, of course, were not in the building at the time of the fire loss.

The revised inventory was still at odds with the physical inventory your company prepared and we questioned the insured during the examination under oath concerning the discrepancies. Suffice to say that the insured admitted on the record that contents with a value well in excess of $50,000 including jewelry, electronic equipment, clothing and furniture were not in fact in the property at the time of the fire.

The insured's claim has now been denied. If not in large part due the efforts of Nardone & Company, Inc., this individual would have received an excess of $200,000 in alone.

Please extend my appreciation to the various Nardone & Company, Inc. employees who directly handled this matter.

From: Executive Assistant

I just wanted to take a minute to comment on how pleased I was by the service I received from Nardone & Company, Inc. They were extremely professional, and made sure that I was comfortable and well informed about the whole process. They had excellent follow up before, during, and after the furniture was picked up, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of this type of service. Thanks again,

From: Insurance Company Salvage Manager

This salvage brought in a great recovery with expenses not totaling half of recovery as with some salvors. That's why we continue to utilize Nardone & Company, Inc. You're one of our best.

From: Senior General Adjuster

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work performed by you and your staff of professionals with regards to the many claims that we have worked together. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to work with all of your people because from the moment they are called to the end of their involvement in the claim. I know with full confidence that everything I need from them to do will be completed without any problems. A perfect example of this is a claim in Florida Nardone preformed. Nardone did a complete physical inventory of thousands of wrist watches, prepared them for sale, brokered them, then did a physical inventory of the insured's furniture, fixtures and business personal property. After Nardone accomplished all that, they prepared a full report to me that included researched and priced inventories of all the previously mention items. I cannot begin to tell you how much their work factored in the successful negotiations with the insured's public adjuster in settling this part of the claim.

Again all my thanks and I am looking forward with working with your company in the future.

From: VP Property Claims, Property Carrier

Over the last 10 years we have had a number of occasions to use a salvage company to assist us in the adjustment of our losses. We have ALWAYS been very satisfied with the expertise and value brought to the negotiating table by Nardone & Company, Inc.. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Their integrity is beyond reproach.

From: Executive General Adjuster

As a large loss adjuster you must have team members you can rely on and trust. Nardone and Company is always quick to respond, innovative and have the utmost in integrity.

From: General Adjuster

I'll make it short, sweet and easy to read. Nardone & Company, Inc. has been a real asset to our company. We received great salvage recoveries, and excellent documentation on non-recoveries. We are impressed with their professionalism and ability to maximize recoveries!

We do not hesitate to recommend their services.

From: CEO / Executive General Adjuster

I have relied on the expertise and professionalism of Nardone & Company, Inc. for several years, both as a managing general adjuster at a national insurer and as an independent handling major losses across the country. I have always been impressed with Nardone & Company, Inc.'s high level of ability and dedication to doing nothing less than an excellent job. I have a great deal of confidence in in their ability and integrity and recommend them without question. No matter how difficult the loss, I have always been well served by having Nardone on my side.

From: CEO Independent Adjusting Company

Our company has been working with the staff of Nardone & Company, Inc. for over thirteen years to include several years prior to the founding of Nardone & Company, Inc.. The entire staff has always responded to our needs in a professional manner.

We have recommended Nardone & Company, Inc. to our clients over the years and will continue to do so.

The entire staff is truly professional.

From: Reinsurer

I have seen several clients experience consistently successful returns on salvage through Nardone & Company, Inc. During the past two years I have witnessed the hard work and dedication this firm brings to the insurance industry. They have worked under adverse conditions, being on site post -catastrophe to assist the carriers with prompt and professional service.

Nardone & Company, Inc. has the depth of experience and level of professionalism to get the job done. What is particularly important to me is their attention to detail and doing it right the first time.

From: National General Adjuster

Since I am never shy about criticizing a consultant for unsatisfactory performance, I am also not shy about expressing praise for exceptional performance. The exceptional performance to which I refer involved the magnificent results obtained by Nardone & Company, Inc. in general and by one of your staff, in particular.

The insured sustained a loss involving $4 million of product, which had been stored in a leased warehouse in which a partial collapse of the floor took place. While less than $1 million of the product was damaged as a result of the collapse, the remainder could not be moved as a result of a condemnation order issued by the City of Baltimore. Once our engineer was able to secure permission to enter the building, the insurance companies expected to be able to regain possession of that product which was stored in a structurally sound portion of the building.

However, your staff devised a method to regain even the product in the unsafe portion of the building, resulting in a tremendous savings to the insurance companies. After the undamaged product was removed, Nardone & Company, Inc. also supervised the removal and destruction of the damaged product. In removing the undamaged product to a replacement warehouse, Nardone & Company, Inc. negotiated a contract with a local trucker, which resulted in a savings of over $48,000.00

In this case, the insured was delighted to regain the undamaged product since the goods had already been sold and the plant in which the product was manufactured has been working on a 24/7 basis for several years. Hence, the goods could never be replaced. The insurers, needless to say, were equally delighted as Nardone & Company, Inc.'s fine work saved them over $1 million.

When I assigned this claim, I expected a fine job, but these results were far better than anyone could have expected. Kudos to you and your staff.

From: Claims Manager

Attn: Nardone & Company, Inc.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with one of your staff., with your company. Through his professionalism, he was able to establish the amount of loss through an extensive physical inventory, which only someone with his level of expertise could handle. The insured and the carrier were both pleased with his efforts and results on their behalf and the ultimate settlement of a very difficult loss. It was a pleasure to work with your staff member, and his professionalism and level of expertise really showed during the entire process. His product knowledge proved to be invaluable during the claim process which certainly added value to his overall service on the loss. His efforts were greatly appreciated by all involved during the claim process. Convey our thanks for a job well done!

From: Large Loss Specialist

Nardone & Company, Inc.,
We met with our insured yesterday and settled the loss. The insured was very complimentary of your professionalism, your management of the removal of the damaged items & your strong communication skills. I believe you made a friend as well as helping us conclude the loss. Thanks from both of us.

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