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Your large loss claim is complex, requiring detailed knowledge and handling.  There is no substitute for our experienced loss & damage appraisal team—we have some of the best credentials in the industry.

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For over 30 years, we have operated our business with the highest levels of integrity and ethics. We embrace doing the right thing and doing things right each and every time.

03. Aircraft Expertise

Hands down, we offer the best aircraft damage assessment and appraisal expertise in the business. We also offer Buyer's Agent Services as well as Aircraft Sales.

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Automotive Salvage


Prior to our involvement, the insurance carrier received a salvage bid of $906,000 involving 158 brand new vehicles with a total MSRP of $3,806,829. The vehicles were water damaged when rainwater from the highway overflowed into the dealership’s parking lot. The insurance carrier was not satisfied with the amount, so Nardone & Company, Inc. was assigned to handle the claim.


Our Solution

Utilizing the appraiser’s report and VIN numbers of the vehicles, we conducted an inspection and encouraged the buyers to do the same. We had each vehicle numbered from 1 to 158 to correspond to our spreadsheet, so the buyers could inspect the vehicles efficiently. Our thorough inspection, dedication and research of the vehicle market allowed us to host a competitive seal bid sale.


Superior Results

The original buyer was provided a second opportunity to place a bid, but they simply were not competitive. In the end, a buyer we invited to the sale won with a high bid of $1,355,000. This figure represents approximately 36% of MSRP and was $449,000 greater than the bid originally provided prior to our involvement.

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