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Damaged 1971 Cessna 414

Aviation Loss


A 1971 Cessna 414 right aft tip tank was struck by a truck causing slight damage. The estimate to repair the damage with the wing remaining on aircraft was approximately $33,000.00. Prior to our involvement, the wing was removed and sent from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Batesville, Mississippi by truck for repair. Upon arrival in Mississippi, the repair shop refused to begin work due to parts from the interior of the wing rolling around loose on the trailer.


Our Solution

Our expertise was requested to inspect the wing and aircraft. Based on our inspections, the aircraft was totaled due from damaged sustained as a result of removing the wing. The wing plumbing and wiring had been cut, resulting in structural damage to both the wing and airframe. When all repair costs were compiled, they exceeded the value of the aircraft.


Superior Results

Our involvement stopped an unscrupulous shop from defrauding the insurance company and the aircraft owner.

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