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Construction Material Loss
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Roofing Shingles

Construction Material Loss


Nardone & Company, Inc. was contacted with an urgent request in hopes of being able to salvage as many roofing shingles as possible. There were 10,683 pallets containing 351,054 bundles of roofing shingles with a total wholesale cost of $4,680,720. The shingles were suspected to be a total loss after being involved in a partial collapse of a warehouse. The roofing shingles were stored on the warehouse floor and the excessive weight resulted in the collapse of the floor, walls and a portion of the ceiling.


Our Solution

Based on our inspection it was determined that the majority of the inventory was accessible and unaffected by the collapse. Since no power could be restored to the building, Nardone & Company, Inc. utilized an alternative power source to operate our laptops. We created a database to mirror that of the insured’s to track the bundles as they were being removed from the building by forklift. The bundles were restacked onto pallets and loaded onto trailers. The database we created allowed us to print Bills of Laden on site in triplicate, to facilitate the insured, trucking company and Nardone & Company, Inc. in inventory control.


Superior Results

As a result of our ingenuity and dedication, the insured conserved 8,446.21 pallets of undamaged roofing shingles, which equates to 278,725 bundles with a wholesale cost of $3,716,333.33 at no loss. This represents approximately 79% of the total wholesale cost. The remaining inventory was deemed a total loss and we arranged to have the balance of the roofing shingles to be shredded onsite. The entire inventory was documented, palletized and removed from the loss site in 20 working days.

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