Eric Pearson

Field Representative

Technical Expertise & Credentials

Eric Pearson completed his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Oklahoma State University then joined the Aviation Education department at Oklahoma State and completed his Masters in Aviation Management. After completing his masters Eric taught a variety of classes within the aviation department at Oklahoma State University and later physics for a local junior college.

Eric is centrally located in Northeast Oklahoma as an associate in good standing with the Professional Aircraft Appraisers Organization (PAAO) providing aircraft appraisals and consultation. Eric has taken additional training and holds an Oklahoma Insurance Adjusters and Producers License.

In addition to his business and professional aviation experience, Eric has held a private pilot certificate since the early 2000’s and has been a private aircraft owner for more than ten years. With a background of business ownership, management, and property rentals, Eric understands the importance of regulatory obligations and timely objective asset assessments. He has a thorough understanding of the inventory processes, systems, procedures and sales of a wide variety of assets. Additionally, Eric has the technical experience, credentials and certifications to sell and manufacture firearms as well, which expands our services, appraisal and consulting expertise.

Contact Information for Eric

Office: 800-315-8200
Fax: 410-315-8393

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