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Flooring & Carpeting Loss
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Your large loss claim is complex, requiring detailed knowledge and handling.  There is no substitute for our experienced loss & damage appraisal team—we have some of the best credentials in the industry.

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For over 30 years, we have operated our business with the highest levels of integrity and ethics. We embrace doing the right thing and doing things right each and every time.

03. Aircraft Expertise

Hands down, we offer the best aircraft damage assessment and appraisal expertise in the business. We also offer Buyer's Agent Services as well as Aircraft Sales.

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Flooring & Carpeting Loss


Nardone & Company, Inc. was assigned a multi-million dollar loss involving a large warehouse distributor of flooring and carpeting. The location next store received extensive damage due to fire and as a result, the smoke and soot circulated into the insured’s warehouse.


Our Solution

Nardone & Company, Inc. was quick to respond and began immediate separation of the damaged inventory from the undamaged. The separation of inventory allowed us to work closely with the restoration company, so first aid measures were taken to prevent further exposure to the damaged inventory.


Superior Results

Due to the rapid notification and quick action, Nardone & Company, Inc. reached an agreement with the insured to retain the damaged inventory, which resulted in a settlement of $250,000.

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