Jim Mawhinney

Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

A Lifetime of Experience

Jim Mawhinney brings to Nardone & Company, Inc. over 40 years of professional salvage loss experience. He has participated as a loss consultant on various multi-million dollar commercial losses and has handled innumerable commercial losses. Throughout his career, Mr. Mawhinney has contributed to several CAT teams throughout the United States. Jim’s superior expertise as a salvor was applied during the catastrophic hurricanes of Andrew and Floyd.

Mr. Mawhinney is a graduate of LaSalle College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a BA in Political Science. Furthermore he has served as PMLG of the Blue Goose, Westchester Pond in New York.

Contact Information for Jim


Office: 800-315-8200
Cell: 201-669-0187
Fax: 201-391-2913
E-Mail: jim@nardoneandcompany.com

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