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01.  Experienced Pros

Your large loss claim is complex, requiring detailed knowledge and handling.  There is no substitute for our experienced loss & damage appraisal team—we have some of the best credentials in the industry.

02. Integrity & Trust

For over 30 years, we have operated our business with the highest levels of integrity and ethics. We embrace doing the right thing and doing things right each and every time.

03. Aircraft Expertise

Hands down, we offer the best aircraft damage assessment and appraisal expertise in the business. We also offer Buyer's Agent Services as well as Aircraft Sales.

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We understand that damage happens, usually at the most inconvenient time. We will determine the services necessary in order to complete the claim efficiently and effectively.

Our successes are based on our wide range of professional credentials & expertise

Proven Results For Our Clients

Heavy Equipment Loss


Flooring Loss

Nardone and Company, Inc. handles flooring loss claims

Automotive Loss

Nardone & Company Automotive Salvage Sale Car

Construction Material Loss

Nardone & Company Construction Material Loss Project

Commercial Mercantile Loss

Nardone and Company, Inc. handles commercial mercantile loss

Luxury Automotive Loss

Nardone and Company, Inc. handles luxury automotive claims such as this Rolls Royce Phantom

Commodities Loss

Nardone and Company, Inc. handles commodities loss claims

Frozen Food Loss

Nardone and Company, Inc. handles frozen food loss claims

Aviation Loss

Nardone and Company, Inc. handles aviation loss claims

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Nardone & Company, Inc. prides itself on customizing services to fit the needs of the Insurance Companies and self-insured. Pure and simple – it’s the way we do business. No pie-in-the-sky estimates, just solid projections that allow you to make realistic business decisions by providing uncompromising personalized service. That’s why when every minute counts, the only choice is Nardone & Company, Inc.


Nardone and Company, Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business