Dear Mr. Nardone

This letter is to express the appreciation of both the undersigned and my client for the inventory services you recently provided us.

As you know, my client is an Insurance Company who was presented with a rather extraordinarily large claim for contents following a fire loss. Both the adjuster and the SIU investigator had misgivings concerning the inventory which was submitted by the insured and we retained Nardone & Company, Inc. to perform a physical inventory of the contents of the premises under what were certainly difficult conditions. The inventory prepared by Nardone & Company, Inc. together with the video and photographs you took clearly established that there was little relationship between the actual contents of the building and the insured’s inventory.

It was not a coincidence that the insured submitted a revised inventory after we told that the insured, Nardone & Company, Inc. was going to perform the physical inventory. The revised inventory eliminated a substantial of quantity of contents which, of course, were not in the building at the time of the fire loss.

The revised inventory was still at odds with the physical inventory your company prepared and we questioned the insured during the examination under oath concerning the discrepancies. Suffice to say that the insured admitted on the record that contents with a value well in excess of $50,000 including jewelry, electronic equipment, clothing and furniture were not in fact in the property at the time of the fire.

The insured’s claim has now been denied. If not in large part due the efforts of Nardone & Company, Inc., this individual would have received an excess of $200,000 in alone.

Please extend my appreciation to the various Nardone & Company, Inc. employees who directly handled this matter.