Since I am never shy about criticizing a consultant for unsatisfactory performance, I am also not shy about expressing praise for exceptional performance. The exceptional performance to which I refer involved the magnificent results obtained by Nardone & Company, Inc. in general and by one of your staff, in particular.

The insured sustained a loss involving $4 million of product, which had been stored in a leased warehouse in which a partial collapse of the floor took place. While less than $1 million of the product was damaged as a result of the collapse, the remainder could not be moved as a result of a condemnation order issued by the City of Baltimore. Once our engineer was able to secure permission to enter the building, the insurance companies expected to be able to regain possession of that product which was stored in a structurally sound portion of the building.

However, your staff devised a method to regain even the product in the unsafe portion of the building, resulting in a tremendous savings to the insurance companies. After the undamaged product was removed, Nardone & Company, Inc. also supervised the removal and destruction of the damaged product. In removing the undamaged product to a replacement warehouse, Nardone & Company, Inc. negotiated a contract with a local trucker, which resulted in a savings of over $48,000.00

In this case, the insured was delighted to regain the undamaged product since the goods had already been sold and the plant in which the product was manufactured has been working on a 24/7 basis for several years. Hence, the goods could never be replaced. The insurers, needless to say, were equally delighted as Nardone & Company, Inc.’s fine work saved them over $1 million.

When I assigned this claim, I expected a fine job, but these results were far better than anyone could have expected. Kudos to you and your staff.